Company Picnics

The Ultimate Company Picnic Experience

At GOAT Events, we know it’s not as much about the rides, games and great food: it’s about the whole experience. Every attraction can be exciting and all the food incredible, but it means little if the event is not building morale by encouraging your guests to participate with their coworkers and friends. With the Ultimate Company Picnic Experience, it’s our goal to have even the most difficult-to-please event goers joining in to make everybody’s experience the “Greatest Of All Time”.

What it is

The Ultimate Company Picnic Experience is a fun-filled add-on that involves a charismatic emcee who kick-starts the party into high gear! This emcee orchestrates competitive games such as pie eating contests, hula hoop contests, egg toss, and various other picnic games. The emcee is also be a trained DJ who plays hit songs to match the taste of any crowd, getting your guests involved in line dances and even taking requests for songs your guests want to hear.

Ringmaster and referee – the Emcee is responsible for getting your guests excited and ready to take on opposing teams in competitive games that promote teamwork and camaraderie among your guests. Who’s up for trivia!?

Why it's important

The Ultimate Company Picnic Experience is a great way to get your guests participating in the festivities. It sets up the whole experience to be about involvement, teamwork and having a great time. We know there are different types of event goers. Some like the exhilarating rides, some enjoy the shade and a nice game of bingo, some love that competitive edge that goes along with games and trivia. In order for us to cater to every guest that walks through the gates, we created this ultimate experience.

Some people have a hard time participating even if they want to, but when there’s someone orchestrating the fun and competition, it’s easier for them to let loose and play along. The Ultimate Company Picnic Experience provides you with a seasoned tour guide on the road to outrageous amounts of fun. It’s one of the best ways to take your event to the next level, and it’s only offered here, at GOAT Events! Give us a call or fill out a contact form for more info!

Welcome to Our New Experience!

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