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GOAT Events provides several opportunities for groups to raise a large sum of money in ONE DAY. This is a guaranteed money maker! We are always looking for groups interested in raising money by providing volunteers to help staff our events all over the surrounding states. Read below for a few details on what you’ll be asked to do and what you’ll get out of it! Each event is different in the amount of volunteers needed and the amount of donation given. However, all of these details are given prior to you committing to the event.

Your Responsibilities

  • Arrive before the event starts for instruction and further details.
  • During the event, your group will be given tasks such as helping with the concession stands, and staffing game booths and inflatables.
  • Stay about two hours after the event to help break down and clean up the event site. This includes loading the trucks. 
  • Be presentable with clean shorts or pants and closed toed shoes. 
  • Smile! Guests love it when you’re having fun too. And it’s easy to do at events like these!
  • Have a strong work ethic and be ready to make money for your group or cause! Positive adult support is also important.

Our Responsibilities

  • At the end of the event, we’ll write a check and hand it over. Yes, you get the donation check right there after clean up.
  • We’ll provide Event Site Managers who will facilitate the event in a safe and efficient way. These managers will help guide your group in their tasks. They’ll answer any questions and check in consistently throughout the event.
  • We’ll assign tasks to each person based on where we think they will do best, taking their personal preference into consideration. Our managers will train each person on their respected task to ensure a safe and successful workspace.
  • We will provide each member with a GOAT t-shirt to wear during the event.
  • We will be very thankful for your assistance. We’ve had great teams work for us in the past and know your group will be amazing too!


  • We work with many non-profit organizations including sports teams, clubs, organizations, church groups, etc. If you’re interested in an amazing fundraising opportunity, this is for you!
  • Volunteers must be 15 years of age or older. 
  • Adult volunteers should be present.
  • Hard-working and smiling!
  • Some of the equipment is heavy, but we will train you on how to safely move the equipment.

Why this is an amazing fundraising opportunity

  • MONEY. This is a great way for your group to make money fast!
  • TEAMWORK. Working an event is a team building opportunity. This is great for any group. A lot of the duties require volunteers to work together to solve problems and run their station efficiently.
  • RECOGNITION. The volunteers are showcased to a large local company. You have the chance to show off your hard-working group!

Volunteer pics from past events

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