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5 Small Details That Make a Big Difference

So you’ve been asked to help plan an event. You want to make sure guests are comfortable and entertained, but where do you start? Most people in this position start thinking about booking rides, food, and attractions. While these “big picture” things are undoubtedly important, sometimes the details can get glossed over.

Included below is a list of commonly forgotten details in event planning:

1. A DJ or Emcee

Many people may be hesitant to hire a DJ for their event, as they’re worried it might be too loud or too distracting for their guests. However, having a full crowd with no music in the background can be, well… awkward.

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2. Portable Restrooms and Hand Washing

Although this one sounds obvious, it can be easy to forget about basic necessities when you’re focused on the event itself. Even the most perfect event couldberuined by not considering the guests personal needs. Along the same line, a hand washing station is easy to overlook. Again though, without basic needs met, your guests will have a harder time enjoying themselves

3. Timing the Weather

The majority of outdoor events take place in the summer. While it’s nice to enjoy the sunshine, you have to consider things like shade and the time of day. Being outside for hours without an adequate amount of shade can turn a fun event into a hassle.

Along with this, it’s important to plan around the hottest hours of the day. For example, rather than scheduling an event from 12-3, ask yourself if it could be moved to a time like 5-8. Planning your event at a cooler time could even boost your attendance!

4. Including Everyone

It’s easy to plan an event exclusively for adults, or exclusively for children. Including activities for people of all ages poses more of a challenge. Toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors all have different needs and interests. Plan a wide range of activities that could fit more than just one age group. In order to throw an unforgettable event, everyone needs to feel accounted for.

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5. Trash Cleanup

Putting out a trash can is easy and can be done last minute. However, remembering to keep up with it is a different story. Without assigning or hiring someone to make sure trash is taken out, your event can get messy quickly.

So there you have it. Five small, but necessary details to consider as you plan your event.

If you’re thinking that this list may be a little overwhelming, we agree! Thankfully, GOAT Events realizes that putting on any event can be a challenge, but we sort out the details so you can enjoy yourself! By constantly thinking about these “little details,” we can make your event the “Greatest Of All Time.”

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