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To Beat or Not to Beat:
Should I Hire a DJ for My Next Event?

Nothing says a good time like great music! But nothing can ruin an event faster than a bad DJ. So how do you know when to spring for a master mixer? And how do you find a good DJ? At GOAT Events, we’ve been bumping tunes and breakin’ it down for nearly 20 years. We know what it takes to bring a stress-free musical experience to any event. Below are a couple tips and things to think about to help you take your tunes to the next level at your next shindig.

Try to get some face (or at least voice) time with the actual DJ.

Meet with your potential DJ in-person before hand. Most reputable DJ companies should offer you a pre-event consultation of some kind. If that’s not possible because of distance, at least get them on the phone. Do they sound professional, or do they sound like your cousin Joe who never left your hometown and is still trying to be a rapper (not that I don’t believe in you Joe)? Remember, you’re giving this person a lot of power by handing them a microphone attached to amplifiers and speakers. Luckily, at GOAT events, all of our DJs are well-trained, professional and polished. We vet each and every one of them carefully so you don’t have to.

weird dj gif(Sorry Joe…Maybe you’ll make it some day…)

Do they have what it takes?

When interviewing potential DJs, ask what experience they have. Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be afraid to ask for references and testimonials. Check out their website and any other materials they (should) have. DJing large scale events can be tricky. There is a lot going on at once and there is more to manage than just music. They are often more than just a DJ, they are often more like ringmasters or masters of ceremonies, making announcements, playing games, answering questions, and sometimes, heaven forbid, even helping event organizers navigate unforeseen crisis situations that may arise. You need someone who is able to stay calm and collected under pressure. Many of our DJs have upwards of ten years of experience DJing everything from clubs and private parties to weddings and corporate events.

(DJ are often more like ringmasters, making announcements, organizing games, and even helping out in the event of a crisis.)

Think about the event you're planning

When deciding on whether or not you even need a DJ, consider the nature of your event. What’s the purpose or goal? Is it a networking event where the primary goal is for people to chat? A DJ is probably not needed. You may rent some sound equipment and put on a little playlist quietly in the background. Chances are the only request you will get will be to turn it down! But if it’s a wedding, family picnic, employee fun day, or any event where music and fun are integral parts of the event. DO NOT. We repeat: DO NOT go the playlist route. You will end up with more headache than the money saved is worth. You’ll be racing over to turn the music up and then down and then up again. Then you’ll be racing over to make announcements. Then you’ll be racing over to turn off that song you forgot had bad words in it before grandma hears it (SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!!! COVER YOUR EARS GRAM GRAM!!!) Seriously though, spring for a professional, it’s worth it for the peace of mind alone.

(Oh…nevermind gram gram knows how to party.)

The wiki-wiki-wrap up

Like a good comedian knows how to make people laugh, a good DJ and MC knows how to create an atmosphere of lighthearted fun where people feel comfortable dancing and mingling. It is a unique artform that takes many years of practice to not only master the technology involved but also the related skills of public speaking, stage presence, improvisation, music theory and more. It’s definitely not a job to be underestimated. But fear not! At GOAT events, we’ve been cha cha sliding and cupid shuffling for decades (although back then we did the macarena and the electric slide!) We know what it takes to pull off musical magic. Just give us a call and we’ll take care of all your event needs from start to finish – DJ included!

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