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Every employer wants to find the best way to reward their hard-working, dedicated employees. If you have a large company to plan for, how can you possibly entertain the various ages and interests that your employees and their families might have? Even if your employees don’t have much in common, they have one thing in common for certain: your company. With a GOAT Company Picnic, we bring your employees to the forefront so that everyone feels welcome and involved. That’s just one reason why a GOAT Company Picnic is better than an Amusement Park. Here are a few more:

A GOAT Company Picnic brings a sense of togetherness and makes it easier to boost morale

Amusement parks can be a blast, we’re not disputing that. There is a lot of fun to be had. However, the goal of the employee company picnic or appreciation day is usually to boost morale and bring a sense of togetherness to your employees. At an amusement park, you will most likely be mixed in with other tourists and people enjoying the attractions alongside you. This leads to families going off on their own and not having as much time with their coworkers.

We guarantee short lines

When tourists and other people are mixed in at an amusement park, this means LONG LINES. Your employees could spend a good portion of their day standing in a line to wait for an attraction. At a GOAT company picnic, we guarantee short lines.

At a GOAT Company Picnic, EVERYTHING is included!

When you buy tickets at an amusement park, there are just going to be some things that your employees will have to pay for themselves. Extra food, carnival games, etc. At our picnics, everything is included. We give out prizes for carnival games, bingo and other competitive attractions. Plus we have options for customized t-shirts and other door prizes!

With a GOAT Event, you have a say in which attractions are included

This makes your event more unique to you and your employee’s specific needs. An amusement park would be a great choice for all of your thrill-seeking employees, but our events includes something for everyone including toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults and seniors.

Although amusement parks are a fun, exciting way for companies to show appreciation to their employees, nothing is cooler than keeping every single employee entertained throughout the day. GOAT Events knows how to make this happen! Give us a call today to let us know how we can help YOUR event be the “Greatest Of All Time”.

Welcome to Our New Experience!

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